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Associate Training Partners at Cornerstone training solutions have many years of experience specializing in key business development areas in various industry segments. The team of partners at Cornerstone training solutions, have an non compromised commitment to produce high quality designed and delivered programs that is sustainable and measurable and exceeds clients’ expectations with optimum benefits and impact.

Depth of Learning

Traditional training methods focused on developing skills, knowledge and behaviors, but this does not guarantee entirely that the learners are committed to using and integrating the new approach. You might have the knowledge and skill you need to carry out a certain task effectively but you might choose not to actively and consciously use them.

In our training approach, we influence what is going under the surface in order to create a profound impact on behavior eventually on the surface. Change can happen if the training program simultaneously communicates to both the conscious and unconscious level of the learner's mind.

Deep accelerated learning means it should be .

Highly participative to ensure retention and commitment to action. An Innovative approach to interrupt old ways of thinking and create new learning states

Multi-sensory appealing to the 5 senses (hear, touch, see, taste and smell).

Fun to delegates to ensure positive association with the learning.

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Dear Kamal,
Just wanted to drop a quick thank you note for all the efforts you have done with us.
The training was perfect and we learnt a lot of new information that will be of great benefit in our work. 

Again thanks a lot for this fruitful time. We really appreciate your hard work with us.

Hany Shenouda, Direct sales,NBK

Dear Kamal,

Many thanks for a most enjoyable course.

It certainly has made me reflect on many aspects of my current position & methods of management.
Have come back feeling enthusiastic & ready to apply changes over the next few months.
Look forward to seeing you again for another course.

Best Regards

Tracy Ross

Projects & Design Manager
Aer Rianta International (Middle East) WLL, Kingdom of Bahrain.

Hi Kamal,

Thanks for your email and I must say that it was very good training and it’s really increased our fixes. 

Best wishes

—Muhammad Zeeshan Sheikh, FCCA, UAECA Finance Specialist, Group Finance Technology & Industry